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It is a light stick that is a motif item of BLACKPINK.
It will be Ver.2 equipped with a brightness adjustment function linked to the app and a LIVE REACT MODE function that reacts to the sound source.

Size: 155 x 87 x 253mm

Material: ABS, PC, Silicon

Country of Origin: South Korea

set content:

  • package
  • Penlight
  • strap
  • Instructions

■ Precautions when using the product

  • For use, 3 AAA batteries (AAA size) are required.
    "BLACKPINK OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK" does not come with batteries, so please be sure to prepare and set up batteries yourself.
  • Be sure to check the terminals (+, -) when inserting the batteries.
  • Please note that inserting the battery socket in the opposite direction may cause heat generation or malfunction.
  • If there is a failure or damage (including missing parts) due to modification or disassembly by the customer, we cannot accept defective replacements.
  • You can enjoy online and offline performances with the LIVE REACT MODE function that reacts to the sound source.
    You can use brightness adjustment function and firmware update through BLACKPINK OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK app.
    For details, please refer to the manual included with the product.
  • Please note that this product is imported from overseas, so we cannot respond to inquiries regarding exchanges due to minor stains or scratches on the package.

■ Precautions when ordering

  • Mitsuashi Media membership registration is required for purchase.
  • Due to the limited quantity, it may end as soon as it runs out.
  • We plan to ship within 5 days after purchase.
  • We may contact you if the item is sold out or out of stock after your order has been placed.
  • Both purchase and delivery are limited to within Japan.
  • Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for any reason other than defective products.
  • A video of the unpacking is required for exchange and return processing for incorrectly sent/damaged/defective products. Please be sure to take a video when unpacking the product. (If there is no video of the opening of the box, we may not be able to respond, so please be sure to take a video when opening the box.)
  • Only initial defective products can be returned or exchanged. We cannot accept returns or exchanges for defective products caused by not following the handling instructions on the product package or for customer convenience, so please check carefully before purchasing.
  • This product cannot be canceled or changed after purchase. Please note.
  • Price includes tax/shipping. *Okinawa will incur a separate shipping fee of 1,300 yen.